Build AI applications with Your Own Data

Kodra’s collaborative machine learning development platform enables anyone to quickly bring custom AI applications to production.

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Why Kodra?

Unlock the Value of Your Company's Unique Data

Kodra's advanced technology enables any team to build highly specialized AI models trained on top of their proprietary data.

Train Custom Models

Give anyone on your team the ability to customize AI models using your company's unique data.

Increase model accuracy and save 10-100x on compute with models specialized to your tasks compared to off-the-shelf models.

Explore Your Data

Easily visualize your datasets and collaborate with domain experts on your team.

Interactively share and improve data quality, automatically label data, and correct problems in your datasets.

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy on our infrastructure or within your own cloud VPC.

Don't worry about the complexities of GPU infrastructure - we do that so you don't have to.


Train Custom Models on Your Own Data

Give anyone on your team the ability to train a highly specialized machine learning model using your unique data.

Step 1

Explain your task in English to generate an initial model.

Step 2

Guide improvements by interactively correcting mistakes the model makes.

Step 3

Train a model that is uniquely specialized to your company's specific task.

Fast iteration

Continuously Improve Model Performance

Leverage your team's unique domain expertise by using Kodra's automated Insights engine to proactively surface data quality and model issues.

Easily visualize and explore examples where models need improvement.
Collaboratively tag and categorize model failure modes to prioritize engineering improvements.
Accelerate time to production with bulk labeling of new training data.

Collaboratively Explore Datasets

With a single line of code, engineers can share datasets and model predictions for feedback from their entire team.

User-Friendly Interface

Non-engineers don't have to run Python notebooks, and engineers don't have to develop one-off visualization and collaboration tools for model development.

Intuitive Data Navigation

Search and filter through your datasets and model predictions via a simple web interface. Extensible to support any type of data.

Easy Team Collaboration

Curate and share examples among your team via Slack and email integrations while you develop your models.

What is Kodra Technologies?

Kodra Technologies specializes in developing custom AI models using proprietary data from businesses across various industries. Our platform enables teams to build, deploy, and scale AI models tailored to their specific needs, driving innovation and efficiency.

How does the custom AI model development process work?

Our process begins with a consultation to understand your goals and data. We then proceed to develop a strategy, train custom AI models with your data, rigorously test these models, and finally, deploy them into your operational environment. Continuous support and optimization ensure your AI solutions evolve with your business.

Is my data secure with Kodra?

Absolutely. Data security and privacy are our top priorities. We employ state-of-the-art security measures to protect your data throughout the model development and deployment process. Additionally, we can deploy AI models directly into your own infrastructure, ensuring complete control over your data.

What makes Kodra different from other AI solutions?

Kodra stands out by offering fully customized AI models that leverage your unique data sets, resulting in higher accuracy and efficiency compared to off-the-shelf AI models. Our solution is also designed to be accessible to team members of varying technical skill levels, ensuring wide usability.

How do I get started with Kodra?

Getting started is simple. Schedule a demo consultation with us to discuss your needs and how Kodra can help. From there, we’ll guide you through every step of the way to ensure your AI project is a success.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find immediate answers about our AI technology and services in this section. Learn how Kodra Technologies can support your specific requirements.

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